List troubles

I am trying to get the footer ads to fill the entire box. As you can see I can make a list but I cannot make it fit.

Please take a look and let me know what you can think of on this one. Thanks in advance


Can you clarify the question a bit as I’m not sure which problem you want to address.

Firefox seems to look OK but IE7 is broken and so is IE6 but don’t seem to be the same problem you are enquiring about.

What do you see as wrong in Firefox or was this a specific browser issue?

You’ve got a problem similar to a square peg in a round hole :slight_smile:

Have a look at this : =


If you wanted the ads to justify then place them in a wrapper and apply text-align:justify.


   [B] <div class="other">[/B]
                <img src=";AFID=126080&amp;ADID=90582&amp;SID=" alt="Ab Circle Pro"></a> <a href=



That will spread the images across the line like justified text.

However it still won’t look that neat and maybe re-organising the elements to fit as in John’s post above might be better.

There are still major issues with the rest of your page in IE7 but I’ll wait to see if you are addressing those or not.