List of Yahoo Invisible Detector websites

Here is a list with some yahoo invisible detector websites…those I know.


If you know more, please reply and add them on this thread.

Seems to me if I have to spy on a “friend” to see if they’re hiding from me then they aren’t much of a friend and neither am I.

Sometimes you hide when you don’t want people bugging you most specially when you’re on an intense debate with your boss via a live conference :lol:

I hate these sites, is there a way so that these sites can’t detect you??

They have those for Windows Live Messenger also, it’s pretty funny actually. Their rather redundant because they just show your status, if your blocked or “hidden” they won’t be able to contact you to ask why your hidden. Which is why I never block anyone… I just set my status to away and people know I won’t respond. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean when I block someone he/she won’t be able to detect me? Then when I’m not invisible anymore I’ll just unblock them…?? ?

No, what it means is when you block them, that script will tell them you blocked them. :slight_smile:

Oh Jeez blocking them is a bad idea and a not so subtle way to tell people to leave me alone :lol:

Faceboo Invisible Detector ( faceboo[.]im ) - easy to use, hi5 profile also displayed

Ydetector - scann multiple ID-s