List of social media and social bookmark sites

Please find more social bookmarking sites,I think this list will help you


Great list, perfect for sitepoint!

Hi I check the site and a lot of sites there on the list are really new to me. I will try to check that again in a little while and see if I find good sites there. Thanks for the info by the way.

Great list, here is another site you will find useful (

Whoa huge list…Thanks a lot for sharing…

Thanks a lot for sharing this bookmarking website…

Wow! Thanks for this. This will help me optimizing my website. :slight_smile:

This site looks interesting. I am gonna visit this site . hope it will give better solution for my social media marketing needs . Well i am using some more sites for my social media marketing which return great result for me. If you really want you can check it in my signature.

Social Media Advertising

Now, that’s a huge list! Must have taking you a lot of time to compile.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Raghav, thanks for sharing the list…

Great list.I will check the list,it will help me a lot.Thanks for sharing the list.

I dont think u all can make it with all this list except if u have a team can submit for you. I recommend 5 social bookmarks only to focus first. Try this site, maybe u guys like it

Very Nice post and thanks for sharing the list.

To everybody please never bring these topics to front page by simply answering in a sentence. There is no use in just telling Thanks, Good list etc etc… If you like it please use the list instead don’t keep on discussing it. Moderators please close these type of threads. We come here to learn and do some knowledge transfer not just looking some kind of stories of people who need to increase their post counts.

if you are registered to all of those SB sites, would be easy to submit your postings here

thanks for the sharing information.