List of good matching colors?

Does anybody know where I can find a list or examples of good matching colors for page background, font colors etc.?

I really suck at selecting colors. Even my clothes never match. A countless number of people have told me before my ability to match colors is 0/10.

There’s no such thing as a list of matching colours. Every colour has something that matchs it. You have to work them out.

Fortunately there are tools to help … eg

Here’s a few resources:


I original went to a DIY store, and they had a colour chart that had three “keyholes”. As you turned the device, it would show you three seperate colour that you would use as foreground, backgrond and accessory colours.

Worked a dream for creating basic themes!

Heh, that’s what I do.

However, to save the trip and get a nice hex I also use the downloadable studio from

They’re called Triadic colours … although sometimes they use the complementary colour too. My site has a little toy in the bottom right corner that uses them to generate colour schemes on-the-fly.