List Hove Background Image Not Working

Hey Guys,

Banging my head off this little issue. Looking at me CSS I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Here is the site…

When you rollover the Like us on Facebook I need the icon to go to the facebook-hover.png which is black and it just doesnt do it.

What am I missing in the CSS.



Anyone get chance to see why the png isnt showing up on the hover? I’ve tried multiple different things lol not sure what is going on why it isnt working.

styles.css (line 227)

The !important background (without the black facebook image) is overriding the other !important background a few lines earler with the black facebook image. Go figure.

It’s being overwritten by other declarations with a higher specificificificicity.

In .navbar li a:hover, .navbar li.wpm-hover > a, change background to background-color. At the moment, that is over-ruling the whole of the background declaration in .facebook a:hover, whereas if you specify that it is only background-color that it is looking at then it will leave the background image alone.

These are the perils of over-using !important.

(In other news, do you really need to send 8MB way way on your home page? It takes 16 seconds to load on a good connection, that’s not a good way to grab your customers’ attention)