[Liquid] Can't place snippet in the right location


I have this code snippet in Shopify: https://www.screencast.com/t/8TEZzOhFt9o the file is attached here:
ajax-cart-template.liquid.html (4.8 KB)

Right now this code makes the cart look like this:

However we need to move the snippet before the green "Buy Button". This is an example of how we moved it: https://www.screencast.com/t/InLnVhS3uObJ

But after moving the code above the "Buy Now" button disappears from the page like you can see here:

Please help me understand why it's impossible to move this snippet before the "Buy now" button. Thanks.


I know nothing about shopify or the code being used and as no one else has answered it may help if you run the page and then click view source and post the resulting html.

In that way we can see where the button has gone and if the html is correct. You probably should have moved the code into its own row (div class="row">....code here</div>) rather than squashing it in with something else but that's just a guess.


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