Linux version for web service

I have a computer like the following for making a new the moment.

I have experience about Xubuntu.with one of my old computer which is 32 bit system last year.
Now I like to make it Dual Booting with Windows 7 and a Linux version with the computer above.
I am thinking of choosing among Ubuntu, centOS, Mint or else?
Which Linux version would you recommend for web service among them?

Ubuntu. By far most of the tutorials out there are using that.

You might want to consider installing Virtualbox and running the second OS as a Virtual Machine. That would allow you to run both OS at the same time. Keep in mind, the VM shares resources with the host OS.

Ubuntu and Mint are certainly the best reviewed of all.

What do you mean by “web service?”

Most Linux systems can be tried using a thumb drive: The following link should keep you busy for a very long time :slight_smile:

I find all Linux systems are very much the same and I treat mine likes a glorified menu system so that I can write web software, internet surfing and social media.

Personally I used a very stable Ubuntu 18.04 and the best feature is that it has an abundance of help when there are problems. Also detailed information for installing software which is not available in their free software packages.

As desktop I should consider Ubuntu. But as server I did chose Ubuntus “father” Debian. Smaller and less frequent updated AFAIK. Set and forget.


There might be some confusing of the term “web service”.
I meant I make some web pages and some users use the pages through the web.

I downloaded VMware a day ago and am studying it at the moment.
It is, I think, tough,

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