Linux server management services

Can anyone make any recommendations for a company that provides Linux web server monitoring/maintenance services?

The servers host web/mysql services, which we are comfortable setting up all ok, but just need a 3rd party to do things like 24x7 server monitoring, security audits, mysql optimisation, etc. The servers do not run any WHM/cPanel or Plesk front-end.


There are plenty of free (or paid for) services to perform server monitoring for example.

I’d say mysql optimisation would be up to the developer, or server administrator rather than a monitoring company - first task there would be to look for slow running queries.

Some of the companies in this list will offer server admin services, that include some form of monitoring. It probably won’t come as very cheap, and many will probably require some sort of control panel to be installed.

nagios maybe? If you want to consider setting up your own monitoring. offers good server monitoring services.