Links in tweets count in SEO?

Hello Friends

I tried to figure out whether links in tweets count in SEO.
Googled and read a lot of articles in it.
But still not able to reach a conclusion.
I am totally confused.
Help is very much appreciated.


The links are marked nofollow, so no, they don’t help.

its crawlable and google show them on google results… but since its in nofollow then i don’t think there’s a SEO score for that…

any network site like twitter, facebook etc. doesn’t support in SEO its only helpfull to bring some visitors if your network is very big and you have time.

yes, that’s true …
links in twitter can help to increase traffic, PR for website and also as trick to do promotion…


Yahoo site explorer will show links from twitter as backlinks. Google too index those messages but not much use in SEO.

You say “yes” as if agreeing, but what you say afterwards is not in agreement. Links on Twitter do not give you any PR.

How do you say that it can help in increasing PR… :lol::lol::lol:

Twitter ----> No Follow ------> No PR affect ----> But ------> Good Traffic

twitter would have been spammers’ paradise if they counted!!!