Links and Design

I searched for a while on the web and I’m not sure if I’m phrasing it right, but I’m looking for a way to have my links, themes and colors all change at the same time on all of my pages.

I’m not looking for wordpress or joomla. I’m wondering if there is a code, software or programing language that allows this, I was thinking that PhP might (I’m just starting to learn it).

I’ll give an example.

I’m writing articles, every week or so. As the articles are finished I create a link in the side-bar, I’d like it so that once the link was placed in say the homepage that all of the other pages would have that link added as well.

Does that make sense? I know I can change my font and background with CSS. I haven’t found anything for links.

You can use ‘includes’, where you write the menu code once, and it is then included on every page without you needing to change every page.

One way is to use server-side includes (SSI), where you simply put the code you want in a file, eg menu.htm - not a fully coded page with <head> and all that, just the fragment/extract that you want repeated across the site.

Then in each of the pages where you want to include it, put <!–#include virtual=“menu.htm” –>, and save those files as .shtml or configure the server to parse all files as SHTML.

Another way is to use PHP but I’ll let someone else answer that.