Linking to a pdf

I’ve just built my first website using Ian Lloyd’s ‘Build Your Own Website the Right Way’, which has been great, and I’m really pleased with the results. I’d just like to be able to link a pdf page so it is downloadable from the website (it’s a membership application form for the club I’ve done the website for). I’ve created the pdf but can anyone explain how you link the pdf to the website?
Any help much appreciated?

That actually does sound like a good approach – will definitely consider for future implementations.

Just as a fun interesting fact, if you want it to load through the web in preference to opening using their default PDF reader you can cross-link to the file through Google Doc’s as it’ll work cross browser and if they don’t have a PDF reader it’ll still display on their browser correctly! You simply precursor the PDF absolute path with “” so using your above it would be the below (I think it’s worth using for the bonus compatibility / ease of access factor). :slight_smile:


PS: They won’t need a Google account to use it either!

Glad I could help.

It worked! I’m thrilled. Thanks very much for your help.

Welcome to SitePoint, SKB.

If I understand your question the following should be the solution:

<a href="">PDF Link Text</a>

Of course, this code assumes that you’ve properly uploaded the PDF to your the website in question. You will need to replace the URL, file name and link text in the above code to fit your needs.

In other words, I don’t know of any specific way that PDF’s should be linked from a website. I just use a plain ole anchor pointing to the PDF file itself. The end-user result should either be a download or an in-browser-view of the PDF; depending on the browser and/or browser preferences.

Thanks a lot, Alex - will give it a go!

I’ll try that as well! Thanks to you both.