Linking to a part on the page

I am trying to link to certain parts of the page with the hash tag. The links I’m using work if I manually place them in the browser address v=bar but are not working when I place the link onto the page. Clicking on the links creating are opening up the correct link in the address bar but going nowhere. Is there anything I am doing wrong and if not what could be the issue?

here’s what I mean:

the link on this page that says: See what’s included and compare prices should take you to this link:

Do you see a difference between the fragment identifier and the target ID?

<li id="tab-customtab_2236Tab">

Your link says:

<a href="#tab-customtab_2236">What&#8217;s Included in MHL Package?</a>

but the id property says:

<li id="tab-customtab_2236Tab" class="">

Remove the word Tab from the end of the ID so they match.

Ok so I added the Tab bit to the end of the url and it worked for that page but when I do the same for other pages still it does nothing?

Take this page now for example. It should be linking to this: but does nothing.

The same thing:

<a href="#tab-customtab_2239">What Does the MM1 Package Include?</a>

The link does not have the word Tab on the end, but the ID does.

<li id="tab-customtab_2239Tab" class="">

That’s the thing, it is in the code, but it is disappearing from the browser address bar when clicking? ( see here )

Strange thing is, it’s workingon the first example now but not this second one:

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