Linking to a content

Hello everybody.

I am trying to get a link to a content on a website and I would like a coder or expert in this excellent forum to have a look at the page, since I am unable to do it.

The website:

You click on any of the icons (for instance “Gas & Oil”) and choose any given position. Then a page appears with the position title and its description, but the url is always the same in all the cases:

I am not sure if there is javascript or just a css trick, but I cannot find a solution for a link directly to that content.

Any idea of how to do it?

On the other hand, I do not know whether “CSS & HTML” is the correct category to ask for this issue or not.

Many thanks.

Not sure what you mean by “link to a content”…

I mean linking to a page displaying just that position to include the link, for instance, in a message.

All those links have the href tag href="#" which just sends you to the page you are on already. The href tag should contain the url to the intended target page.
It is hard to see how it works from the source code, as the links are not there, they seem to be generated by some script.

Obviously the tag represents the page and somehow the content is generated by some script, but is it possible to be linked?


Something changed, it seems to be working now.

What? What has changed?

When I looked at the site earlier, the links did not work. Now when I click the links, the job details come onto the screen.

They worked for me. No problem.

So, do you envision some way to link to such details as a page?

Do you have permission to use the content of this site?

It is not a problem of using or not, I just would like to know how to link to a position to include the link in a message.

The trouble is, as you’ve found out, there is no URL to point to. The content is obviously being served from a database and somehow being injected into the page.

Yes, I see. Ok. Thanks very much.

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