Linking SQL Database to Two Different Websites?

Hi there,
I am not very familiar with PHP and MySQL. I’m all about Joomla and letting them create the databases for ya! But I am working for a company that has a very custom website, and they want me to create a website for the building in which the company is situated. I plan on using Joomla to create this website. The companies website displays events and sells tickets for them. Soo, the boss’ idea is to link the events database from the companies website to the buildings new website, so that when an event is created it not only displays on the companies website but also on the buildings.

Now, if this is just ridiculous, let me know! Like I said, I am definitely not a database expert by any means. I would just like to know if this is possible, and what would make it possible (websites need to be hosted on same domain? etc.) Thanks so much!

from the database perspective, what you describe is feasible

all it takes is the requisite application coding

Thanks, any good resources for ‘requisite application coding’? Right now, it seems french :wink: Could you also tell me whether or not the website needs to be hosting with the same hosting service as the website I want to link the database from? Thanks again.

i would imagine the technical issues of accessing another database are more difficult if the databases are on separate servers

good luck with the joomla database, from the few glimpses i’ve seen, it’s horrendously complex

If you are using a shared hosting service (even one you pay for), it is unlikely that connections from an outside script are allowed. Many of them turn this ability off for security reasons. The script would have to reside on the same server as the database. You can always ask of course. If it is on a network computer within your company then you’d ask your networking person to ensure you have the correct permissions.