Linking Products


We have an online shopping cart website, which is powered by Zen Cart. We have various categories. If I link the product between different categories (of course they are relevant), would it be of any help in SEO.

Kindly advice.


Of course,friendly to the users,friendly to search engines.

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Yes it would. Linking to other site is good for your site.

I meant linking the products between different categories (of course all relevant categories) in the same website. Meaning the same product would appear in more categories (not copying but linking) - the internal linking of products.

It would definitely

I request whether it would be of help in the SEO work.


yes,it is good for visitors,and you use linking, not copying,so each product only have one url,right?It is good.

Internal linking can help a bit for SEO. Make sure to use the keyword phrase you want on any link text pointed to a product page.

Ofcourse you could do that as since it should not be confusing for a new customer or any old visitor… it should be free and easy to navigate.