LinkedIn - pull user imaegs?

I have a membership site and was wondering if I could pull in somehow, our membr’s pictures from linkedin into our website. Is there a way to do that?

Without getting the written permission of your members, no. If you want to post your members picture, why not just add an upload option to your site so they can post their most recent photos?

Mainly for ease of use is why. we would certainly get their permission … my main question is that if it is programatically possible. Any ideas?

LinkedIn does offer a connection API set for authentication, pulling in profile snapshots and related features.

[EDIT] On their profile field page you can see profile-pic is one of the accessible fields. You’d have to write up a connection routine to get permission (works via OAuth) and then pull down the pic to use it.

I did this for a client recently.
Using LinkedIn api you can do that. Ted already got you the developer link.