LinkedIn passwords

Just to be sure, I changed mine.

Actually it is the first case, back a few months ago, major forums in China also faced the same humiliation. Hackers posted the user names and passwords of the users.
I just don’t understand why they did that? Any advantages to them?

Sometimes they are looking to make a financial profit, but sometimes the only thing that they are looking to do is cause trouble and nothing more than that. People tend to have strange motives, and some think that doing something like this will gain them notoriety in the black hat community or “prove a point”.

[FONT=verdana]I suspect it’s just to boast to the world that they know how to do it. As Yallow says, people have strange motives.


Can anyone tell how to check whether my password was leaked or not??

Even if LinkedIn told me my password hadn’t been taken, I still would’ve changed it, just to be sure.

Even when i have changed it, it still shows the message “please change your password”

I’ve seen the variants of passes… That’s so funny. People are not creative at all…