Linkbuilding account creation in short time


anybody knows, Is there any tools to creat 100 account in short periode of time for link building techniuques ( social bookmarking, classified, aritcle directory)
please suggest


Adding manually will looks like real instead of doing automation. When submitting automatically you try to tell the seach engine that you are a spammer. Its like cutting your own feet. Take time and add manually. give a attractive title and a great content and you’ll feel the difference between a spammer and an white hat SEO.

Methinks you got this forum mixed up with the other *point forum…

We’re not in the habit of making the web a spammier place around here…

Asking for help to send out a load of spam and trying to cheat search engines doesn’t generally go down well. If you’re lucky we’ll rip your liver out and feed it to the birds. If not … well, that doesn’t bear thinking about.


Do not go in fast way. Do it manually. I think there is one any tool for which you are asking.

I would advise you to do it manually or just outsource the entire project. Many people will take on a job like this for under $25. it is very cheap.

do it manually…

I dont think so any software available for only account creation. I knew that manual is best. If any one know about the software. Please let us know. Share here.

What you are saying is a perfect blackhat technique. Dont go for rush methods to do link building. Seo is basically a gradual process… Do as per the ethical way…