maybe i missed it, but what is this LinkBack nav bar option for?

it doesn’t drop down, like the other ones on that line, and clicking it doesn’t take you anywhere

Well, I can open the menu when I click on it. It basically opens a menu where you can link the thread to digg, or tweete it or technorati or delicious.

oh, let me guess

another “feature” that doesn’t work for Internet Explorer users?

So it seems :slight_smile:

well, i gotta be honest, i personally won’t use those options, as i don’t post to those sites

but shouldn’t it be fixed? have you passed this on to HQ for investigation?

It is not the first thing that fails. It has been passed on to them.


I’m wondering, do you get the “social icons” (hmm, social as in disease?) for each post?

You actually use that browser?

I’ve hidden all this stuff via CSS anyway, as I just find it all clutter. If I want to post to Twitter etc., I copy the URL and do it the old-fashined way … you know, “like god intended”. (I don’t think there needs to be a micro-time-saving button for everything.)

the chiclets? yeah, i get those, and they are functional

tsk tsk, your superiority complex is showing

i have this domain,, which i registered with the idea of using it to make fun of people who pimp one browser over others… still haven’t found the time or inspiration to develop the idea, but you’d be on it right now, fanboy :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it is superiority, Rudy, but more like surprise from someone that knows better.

I only use IE to log in with my hosting provider. Surprisingly, their page will only work in IE although they claim that it works in FF and Opera. It is not true.

Unfortunately, even the latest version of IE is not as useful as FF, Opera or Chrome and it is still slower (and I’m not using FF4 or the latest version of Opera or Chrome). And although they’ve made an improvement with different tools for developers, it is still not as useful or customizable as any other. Therefore, I don’t use IE much.

As an example, FF has a few add-ons for managing SQLite, Drupal databases or to use APIs that connect with different databases.

Basically, in terms of speed and efficiency, it is better to use other browser but IE

i have this domain,, which i registered with the idea of using it to make fun of people who pimp one browser over others…

Holy crap dude you’re sitting on a gold mine!

Just get some troll-ish ranter (preferably one who loves IE for some reason but that’s not required) to regularly repost Mozilla evangelists and Chrome devs talking about how much more awesome their browser is than sliced bread and the cheese on the moon (like, because they decided to rename the “address bar” to “Awesome bar”, or hide all the buttons that make it work because “SmashingMag said minimalism is totally hawt!”), and then post links to sites who carry badges saying crap like
“Site Best Viewed in Safari v12 or Chrome”
because they thought it was an excellent idea to put a working commercial site (no it’s okay because it’s like my DESIGN PORTFOLIO man) up that uses fancy annoying transitions and transmutations and transmogrifications… and webGL… that only work on the latest unstable nightly of some browser made by the company who’s trying to own (and control, yes you know deep in your hearts that’s their ultimate plan) the entire internet along with the newest fastest hottest most-expensive graphics drivers who don’t strain themselves a hemorrhoid trying to render 3D sharks shooting lasers out of their eyes and other “Cute-but-how-do-I-use-it-to-buy-the-latest-Justin-Beeber-ringtone?” experiments that are doomed to bring us back to those heady days of Geocities and MySpace where it was perfectly natural to see sites adorned with cute little animated-gif badges stating “Best Viewed in Nutscrape Alligator 4”.

As for superiority/snobbery, of course: a moldy chunk of duck-bread is decades ahead of Internet Explorer and its sad little Trident engine. NOT that they’ll ever admit it, but I’d say that’s because [url=]their back’s up against the wall.

But we’re right anyway, because we’re l33t like Stallman, man: we surf with an EMAIL CLIENT. Hell yeah. Those don’t come with no swishy awesome bars.

You crack me up Poes :rofl:

yeah, i know (:

maybe i’ll ask guys like you, who can actually write coherently and engagingly, to provide “sightings” and/or rants

i was also hoping for some incidental traffic from people who actually wanted but typed it in wrong

by the way i am a staunch IE user and the whole idea for this domain occurred to me because i got tired of people telling me i was using the wrong browser

but, yeah, i wouldn’t mind posting articles about how bad IE is, either

thanks for the feedback, and please do give me more ideas…


I was just being cheeky, of course. It’s none of my business what browser anyone uses. TBH, I use IE 99.99% of the time … when I’m on Windows … on my Mac … which I mainly only fire up to test IE … coz it’s unreliable. I’m hoping in the world of IE9 it might not be so necessary to check IE at every step of development. Happy days … (finguz Xed).

I’m hoping in the world of IE9 it might not be so necessary to check IE at every step of development. Happy days … (finguz Xed).

You on teh twitterz? Follow @ie9bugs, that one retweets bugs people find in IE9.

Thanks poes. Not sure I really want to know ( :smiley: ) but will give it a butcher’s hook anyway. :wink: