Link to slides not working in each image elements


I am using Revolution slider and its inbuilt feature, I have few images and its linked to its respective slide. Only last img links is working and linked to its respective slide. Rest are linked but not working. Check the Home page Slider Only “Mobile Based Tracking …” Image is linked to its slide not others.

So what happen to it I cannot identify, please suggest, is this z-index issues ?


This is a bit tricky.

I think the issue is that inside of the <li>, there are divs in there for each blue-ish square image there. That div holds the image and also linkifies the image. Each div there, in Javascript, is assigned a z-index value and each div takes up the full width/height . This means that the last image div has the highest z-index, and as a result, is the top layer. You’ve noticed the top image be the only click able one.

The outer div (.tp-parallax-container) needs to have no z-index set if possible, but on hover, make the Javascript set a z-index. Right now Javascript (I presume) is manually setting z-index 1/2/3/4 (etc) for all the divs but it needs to NOT do that. Only set that z-index on hover so the proper layer can be pulled on top.

Quite a tricky problem. Took me a bit :slight_smile: .

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