Link Prism

I have heard that Link Prism is a method of relevant link building. Can any tell me how does it work and how effective is this in SEO? Please suggest.

link prism helps to differentiate links that you build for your website like how many links fall in average, good, very good and excellent link category.

what would be the parameters of these differentiation of links we have created for any website?

Page rank, relevance and authority of sites.

Thanks for the replies. However, I’d heard that it is something related to article submissions and social bookmarking. I’m confused now :frowning:

its about all kind of submissions or tactics from which any link can be created. it contain almost article submissions and social bookmarking too with others submissions as well like directory sub and link building …

I think this concept is related to Link wheel process, all sites with links to each other.

yes its more like link wheel but in this you stick to one thing like only blogs or only article directories.In Article Prism, each article is again linked to the next article forming a prism like architecture. Each URL of the article site where an article on the client’s keyword appears is bookmarked to approximately 7 sites.

If anyone can explain this and maybe share some times when trying to implement this into a website? Thank you very much

Try this.

I think this topic has been covered. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to open a new topic.