Link out?

What is link out? When an offer is linked out, what does it mean?

Thank you!

I guess it is the backlink for other site which your site is providing, that a link pointing to a site which isn’t coming under same domain as yours.

Find about the meaning of “LINK OUT” in the following paragraph.

Marketing organizations think about to link-out to other sites from their own. They are scared for numerous reasons; they concern that linking-out could:
• Harm their standing
• Damage their search-engine rankings
• Cost them Page-Rank
• Produce exit-portals where viewers will drop-off

I don’t know how “a offer is linked out”. But generally “linking out” should mean a link that points to another domain name. It is good for the domain you are linking to.

According to me when you can get link form other website it’s called a link out … And also called a backlink …