Link flicker in all IE browsers


I am using a script to set a background on a div that appears behind a navigation menu. Unfortunately this is causing the nav items in the drop-down menu to flicker when they are hovered over in any IE browser. Before I post all the code, does anyone have any solutions to stop the flickering? Thanks in advance.

Simplest solution is to switch to using a browser that doesn’t have that problem. Since the problem is with the browser it can’t be fixed from the web page. I have seen web pages with just plain HTML in them that flicker in IE as the content moves.

Hi, it is your JS script. I know because if I copy the page locally and set up a regular :hover for the background image, then it will not flicker. The problem is in the JS script (or the browser, tomatoe tomatoe ;))

Either find a new script or have IE deal with it (or just make it CSS hover) :slight_smile:

Actually, I saw this just the other day. It seems to be a common symptom is generally an image, rather than the link:

Try here:

And if that doesn’t help, try from this list. One of these people is bound to have experienced the same problem you are.

Either way, good luck!