Link Exchange

Someone sent me an email regarding link exchange, they said “We have recently come across your site by searching through link resources relating to Web Design & Development. I took the time to visit your website to determine if you had a resource page for links. I have a related website and I would like to exchange link with you. I have already placed a link to your web site along with a description” Is it ok to make a link exchange? I really don’t have knowledge in this. Kindly help


It’s spam, pure and simple. It won’t do you any good whatsoever, and if Google thinks that you are a willing participant in dodgy schemes like this then it will drop you like hot lead. Just ignore it.

Link Exchange is the process of exchanging hyperlinks from one website to another content-related website.Link exchanges may not be of any real value to you if you have already established yourself on the World Wide Web. The concept of link exchanges is most valuable to web developers at the other end of the spectrum. Individuals with little to no traffic will benefit greatly from the advantages of link exchanges.

Exchanging a link with someone in your field can and will have its benifits. Google still calcs PR by incoming links like it or not. In large part at least.

In simple words - don’t exchange links!!

Why not try it out for your site. I don’t think it harms you or your content.
Besides, you have the full control of whether to do it again or not. If you want to try it, go ahead so you may know how it goes.
If it doesn’t go well for you and your site, then block them.

hello dear: my advice to you not use or participate with this sites it is just spammers and google dont like this specially when you run google adsense on your site

I have a strong feeling that sender is a con. He/she is more likely to take advantage of your back links and your website to benefit his/her own, but not yours. Besides, link exchange is a dangerous strategy today because Google is leery on such obvious back link manipulation.

This is not the kind of link exchange you would want to involve yourself in.

A good link exchange happens naturally out of an established relationship between authors and also out of providing valuable information. And, the links mostly go on the content that each one share (most probably on their blog posts).

This is spammy and is done just for the sake of having links on the page. Stay away from it. You might also want to ask them to remove your site on their page as they might be a bad site practicing spammy techniques and it might affect you anytime soon.

Hey Guys well i think that link exchange is a part of SEO methods.If you have a web you get in touch with the website owner of another website to get link to your web page from his site.Thanks!!
me too ^^

Avoid it. For Google it is very easy to identify websites following such schemes. As all of the out-bound links will be same as in-bound links.