Link exchange no good?

I’m hearing that the engines only count inbound links these days…and link exchanges cancel each other out and are of now value to either site.

Is this true???

That’s not what I heard…

All the methods are great, all you need now is to have hardwork on your work and make some techniques and strategy on how you get the top spot.

try to exchange links with only related site and you will never hurted.

All above replies are right even when they look like to be contradictory. Link exchange may mean different things.

1. yes, google has given lower value to reciprocal links for a few years. It argues that link exchanges aim at “manipulating PageRank” (see google webmaster central).

This is partly right because link exchange was practised in an extremely massive way during the years 2003 to 2007. In fact, discouraging link exchange may also boost google business (i.e.adwords, which may be an alternative to link exchanges for new sites to get first visitors).

2. However, link exchange is still very useful provided that they are relevant to your site and help your visitors.

Then, it helps still today ranking because link quality is not a simple issue of one-way or reciprocal linking: it depends on many other factors , including relevancy. Lower value does not means no value.

There is a bulk of one-way links which have less value than relevant reciprocal links.

3. Due to the negative communication from google staff about reciprocal links, most link builders offers triangular link exchange or more sophistated ones making link exchange non reciprocal.

Once again, google knows the thrick and is probably now able to recognize most of three-way link exchanges. (google looks at the IP and it has also full Whois details).

4. My opinion is that people focus too much on the form of the link exchange. Quite a lot of three-way link exchanges are of poor value due to a third site with no content /function but achieving the link exchange. Also many one-way links may have poor value.

People had better consider all links quality factors, incl. relevancy, quality partner, amount of outgoing links in the page,…

In short, there are basically two ways of right building quality links:

  1. improving site content so that you get really natural one-way links
  2. building links by searching and getting quality link partners, no matters the form. Quality is much more useful than quantity.

A>B,C>D is like one way link building, what do you guys think?

Oh my, we wouldn’t want to “destroy the web” :rolleyes:

I think the governments of the world will eventually
be much more damaging to the web, don’t you?

Besides, the engines got those crawlers that stay
plenty busy finding all kinds of stuff

If, by “link exchange”, you mean “link farm” (ie, a site that only exists to give one-way or two-way links to other sites), those are completely worthless - search engines won’t give any credit to a link from that kind of site.

But if you mean “reciprocal link” (ie, you give a link to a particular site that you think is relevant, and they give you one back), search engines will pay attention to that and will give you credit for it. The foundation stone of the web is that sites link to each other when they are relevant; without that kind of linking, it wouldn’t be a web at all.

The most important thing is that links you get are related, quality inbound links definitely will help to get higher SERP. A link is a link either its one way link, reciprocal link or three way link as long as it is a good inbound link

I can only imagine how, if all things mis-used and abused get to be worthless in time, then what else would remain useful? I mean, if things like link exchanges and meta tags have become useless, maybe the other SEO strategies will, too, at one point, because everything really is subject to misuse and abuse, what with SEO becoming more and more popular. Just thinking out loud =)

Another + for linking using A>B,C>D method

I am pretty new at this, but I do hear that one way links are the best.

However, when we do link exchanges, we are careful on who we ask. While it might not help optimization too much, we do get traffic from link exchanges and that is why we continue to use them.

They are not worthless but if either one of you have another site I would throw that site in the mix and have a three way link exchange.

Most of the current three-way link exchanges have been already clearly identified by google as simple link exchanges. Reason: as for backlinks, google does not consider just the linking site, but all “affiliated” sites

See this patent google filled in in 2004 (already an old story). The patent has been accepted in 2010:

There are many ways for google to find “affiliated” sites.

My conclusion remains unchanged: do’nt worry too much about the reciprocal or triangular form of link exchange, look better at the other quality factors of the backlink.

Make sure to exchange links using the A>B>C or A>B,C>D method and you will be fine. And it’s even better if you link from a different server where you are getting the link back (if you have more servers).

For me, link exchange still the best method of link building.

No, reciprocal links are still of importance, however, when it comes to reciprocal linking… how can you be so sure that your link is going to remain on the others website?

The important question is whether the link to that other site will add value for your visitors. If so then there is no reason not to exchange links with that site. If they don’t want to exchange then it is still worth adding the outgoing link.

If an outgoing link to a site will be worthless to your visitors then an incoming link from that site will be equally worthless to you and so there is then no point to the exchange.

The main thing to be considering is relevance. If another site is relevant to your visitors then the link or links between your sites will be worthwhile and will add value to your site.

That plan just doesn’t work. It’s 100% selfish and if everyone took the same attitude it would destroy the web. What happens if everyone only accepts inbound links, and refuses to give outbound links? No links! No web, nothing. What you’re saying is that you want other sites to suffer, in order to promote your own. That isn’t a healthy attitude to have.

Having outbound links is not going to kill you in the search results. For a start, PR is only a very small part of the overall ranking algorithm - pages with no PR at all can get to the top of the SERPs if they are good enough. And Google is smart enough to know the difference between a site that has both internal links and outbound links, and a site that has no outbound links so that it can hoard all its link juice for itself. It won’t give you any extra credit for having links only to other pages on the same site.

The web is the ultimate democracy, but that requires that you give as well as take.

Is that contagious and does it require a propillactic for your browser? :smiley:

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But seriously, what does “website PR is leaking to the other party”

Does PR = Public Relations?