Link Domains/Subdomains to folders in a PC Server?

My PC has a configuration to work as a server. It has quad core processor with 8GB RAM. So I made it a server. Now i want to know, how can I link the domain names to various folders in my WAMP. At present, when I am calling my IP address e.g. 123.234.345.456, I get index file from C:/wamp/www/. But I want to forward e.g. to folder C:/wamp/www/example and to folder C:/wamp/www/test Does anyone have idea how to do this? And what should I do in my domain provider’s controls, so that they can fetch data from my server, without changing URL.


It’s past midnight so my answer will be brief: look at the conf/extras/httpd-vhosts.conf file and your hosts file (Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) and, using the examples in each, you’ll have unlimited local domains in no time at all.