Link cred through javascript loaded links

Hey Guys,

I have a curious question which I thought I’d bounce off the group. Maybe it’s something a lot of you are wondering too. :wink:

I’m working on a project now which has me writing javascript widgets, sort of a saas modeled, ajaxy injection of code into another person’s website. Fun stuff. Thing is, we want to offer a free version, but have the free version benefit our site in some way. We’re considering ajax delivered advertisements, but honestly that is not my favorite rout at the moment. for one, there are only a hand full of ad networks that allow this, and 2, it’s kinda ****** to force ads on another person’s site.

So the preferred method at this point of “monetizing” our free (versus the obvious paid version) website widget service is to generate link cred through the ajaxy loaded “page” that we’re going to serve.

So to the point… Is it even possible to generate link cred through a link loaded after the DOM?

We’re considering just asking users to drop a link on their page back to us, but it reduces the simplicity (that sounds good, oddly enough) of just dropping a js script on your page and hitting save.

What would be some other good ways to monetize a free saas / ajaxy widget service?

Thanks for your input. May god bless you with a thousand virgins if you bother to answer. Or, if you’re a girl… uh, never mind. :x

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