Link change after you click it aswell as iframe change / easier way to organize pics


Heres what Im trying to do.

I Have a webpage, and on that page is an iframe.

On the ‘webpage that contains the iframe’ , I have two images that i want to turn into links that changes the ‘page within the iframe’

i know how to do that

but whenever the images are clicked and the iframe page changes, i also want the links of the two images on the ‘webpage that contains the iframe’ to change aswell.

Basically i want to use a next and previous button thats outiside the iframe to control cycling through the webpages within it. I would like to know some ways of doin this, im using dreamweaver cs5

Or does anybody know of a way to oraganize photos on a website more efficiently? While still hosting all the images on your website and not using one of the horrible premade javascripts ive found


I can’t really help with your problem about the frames, however I would recommend checking out some photo galleries that use JQuery.

There’s plenty of galleries and options available. A quick google of “jquery image gallery” will give you some examples.