Link Building?

So, I hear this link building thing is pretty dang important for SEO. I haven’t done this really at all. I used a backlink checker and it shows 2500 pages out there linked to me, but they are basically all my web design clients … and they are linked with the anchor text of my company name. What tips can you give a web design for link building?

Check out the stickies here. E.g.

Getting backlinks from a low page rank website is not beneficial, Better you get hacklinks from a high pr websites through blog commenting, article submission, forum posting etc.

so like, forum submission like here?

Forums (including blog comments) are generally really bad places to try to get links, unless your site directly answers questions that people are asking.

Most reputable forums (including this one) have strict rules about self-promotional links. For example, you’re allowed links to your own sites in your signature, but these are all “nofollow”, so search engines completely ignore them. Any links in the main part of the message must be relevant, particularly when they are to your own site, and we have an army of staff ever vigilant for people breaking the rules.

Forums that don’t have such strict rules, and have an “anything goes” policy for external links, are likely to be overrun with spam and junk, and search engines will pay them little attention. When your link is one of a thousand on the page, it doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Thanks Stevie D - what are good ways to build links then, in your opinion?

A couple of things you can do:

Create articles and post them on article directories. You can put a couple links in the resource box for each article.

Create and release a press release from a site like which will allow you to put links in your release.


Interesting you say that as I can see sig links in the source code of this forum even when logged out and they do not have a nofollow attribute.

Good point. What I said is what’s supposed to happen, but it looks like there’s been a technical hiccup. I’ll raise it with The Boss.

Maybe you can try guest posting in a related niche blog or site and share your expertise in web design.

Do the all forum sites give ‘nofollow’ links in signature ?

Not all do, no.

Generally, more reputable sites are likely to have signature links as: nofollow, only visible to logged in users, and/or carefully moderated.

Most forums that allow anything to be put in a followable signature that is visible to unauthenticated users are at the less reputable end of the scale, and links there will be worth very little to you unless they are highly relevant.

I know about link building but i want to know about link quality. What are the necessary things to keep in our mind when we work on link building campaign.

do link building with high PR social media websites and the websites having the similar content to your website.

In link building campaign we should only focus upon quality not quantity. The following are the few important things to check before getting backlinks to your site:
Page Rank
But PR of a site is not an important factor

The links you need to obtain are ones where real people will be looking at someone else’s site, see a link to your site and be sufficiently interested to click on it. That’s not just true for getting direct traffic, but also for SEO. Why? Because search engines are looking for exactly the same stuff as real people. A link to your site from a directory or forum that has little relevance is worth very little; a link to your site from an article or editorial type page carries more weight. The fewer outbound links that appear on the same page as yours, the better (within reason), because it suggests the author is being more selective and not just linking to any old Joe that asks for one.

you could always use a link building service, i work for a company that offers a 7day free trial if your intersted? All the information you need about the service is on their site Other things you can do yourself are forum posting which you are doing now, and blog posting is a good one. hope this helps, ali

oh and its not about the sheer quantity of backlinks but the quality of them so their content, page rank etc

Forum posting and social bookmarking is the good and fastest way to get more back link’s through it.

i agree with Stevie D to take backlink from the page having fewer outbound links well i use link exchange and try to get backlink from do follow blogs.