Line breaks in PhP

if ($error != '') {
  echo '<div id="error">'.$error.'</div>'."\
if ($error != '') {
  echo "<div id=\\"error\\">".$error."</div>\

I have seen the above done a few ways. Both work as intended, but is there any “Set in stone” way of using

It seems just because code works, doesn’t mean it is always the best way.

Is there a better way of adding
at the end of a sentence in order to make the output source correct and easier to read?

To ‘parse’ code in strings (
) you have to put it in double quotes ("), there is certainly no right or wrong way to do this, its down to personal preference.

I tend to go for the mixing and matching quotes myself, but i rarely print
etc at all.

I don’t think there’s one particular way that is better than the other. Go with what you feel comfortable with.

One more option:

if ($error != '') {
  echo '<div id="error">'.$error.'</div>' . chr(10);


This is the type of coding I like. It is clean and precise without jumping in and out of quotes/apostophes.

Is chr(10) safe to use in that way? Will it have adverse effects on different browsers or shortfalls in the future?

It can’t imagine it will, chr(10) just means a new-line character. As far as I know, it’s identical to "

Thanks for all the replies!

chr(10) is a “line feed” (
chr(13) is a “carriage return” (\r)