LimitRequestBody - Where is it?


I’m an idiot in general and especially with web server jargon. My vbulletin forum requires the use of 10MB uploads by users via a form. This wasn’t a problem on my previous shared hosting, but now I’m having trouble with my new dedicated server.

I believe I have exhausted all possibilties in php.ini but someone had mentioned that it could be an issue with LimitRequestBody.

I’ve read that you can set this via htaccess, but that doesn’t appear to be solving my problem (or I haven’t done it correctly). I get this gut feeling that htaccess isn’t working for this (although my modrewrite settings have no problem), but that’s only a gut feeling. I have no real rational behind it. I know I would feel a lot better if I could make the LimitRequestBody changes within a file other than htaccess and then restart Apache.

So I need specific help as to what changes to make to LimitRequestBody and where to put them. I’m running httpd-2.2.8 and php-5.2.6.

Any ideas where I could find this LimitRequestBody setting and what to change it to?


AFAIK, you could put the directive in httpd.conf or htaccess

LimitRequestBody is only available in Apache 1.3.2 and later
Do you know what version you have?

Guys, has EXCELLENT documentation: