Limiting amount of searches for user/machine

What’s the best way to go about doing this? Cookie, logged ip address? Would doing an ip address possibly block an entire building?

I have a lookup that I’ve been asked to limit the amount of searches that someone can do in a period of time.

Thanks for any insight.

logging the ip address would be the simplest, although some robots (if that’s what you’re hoping to stop, you didn’t mention) can spoof ip addresses easily

another reason for limiting searches (you didn’t say) is to reduce load on coldfusion server, and you can use query caching or page caching to reduce that

the goal is to keep our dealers from being ‘stolen’ by the competition. :rolleyes:

Never heard of this before as a reason… but whatever.

Problem being is that our tech services and cust. service would be using this…*so should the restriction go on the site page? Search is currently coming from a webservice on a different domain.

Just worried if I go the ip route, that our whole building will be blocked after 10 searches.

We had a similar thing a while back where we had our intranet mixed with our Internet ( same CMS for both. Turned out to be a big mistake but that’s a different story ) anyway we blocked anyone who’s IP didn’t match with a particular pattern I.e 10.10.xx.xx. If your internal users IP work under a certain structure then you could use the rule that they aren’t effected by the search restriction.

Other option would be to get people to register I guess. Not always favoured bit it means you’ve got a constant way of identifying them and can apply the restriction that way. Likewise internal users could have a ‘special’ admin account that by passes the restriction.


yeah, good solution if I was still at a company that hosted their own machines. :frowning:

As far as the website is concerned, we’re all a single IP.

I think cookies are going to be my answer. Most people won’t know to delete it to ‘refresh’ their search opportunities.