Limiting access to files?

I hope this is the right place to ask this.

I want to allow someone to do a few modifications on a script. Only a few files need to be modified and not all. So, i want to provide only a limited access to only those files that need to be modified.

The script is currently hosted on a commercial web host and has it’s own cpanel account, however i was thinking of providing access through creating a ftp account specailly for this purpose and limiting it’s access. The problem is all files are in the same root folder, so providing ftp access to the root folder would mean providing access to all the files which i do not want to do.

Otherwise, if this is possible, i might have a new ftp account for each file individually limiting that account access to just that individual file. However this method seems a bit crazy.

Is something better than this possible?

I was also thinking that i might create a new folder and put the files that need to be modified in this folder and create an ftp account that has access only to this particular folder. The problem in this case would be that the script won’t run properly because the files are no longer in the same folder, so the path to various includes or in general the path to all other files as well that make up the current script to run properly would change. I do not want to go about changing the include path in each file…

Is there a way i could get over this issue?

Maybe you could set up simple CMS access to the files you require. Not sure, but you could perhaps use something like CushyCMS to allow access just to a few files.

Well if the Modification is not need to check Live then you can just download the file and send him so that he can make the possible changes and then send it back to your after it is done. And then you can upload the file and make it live …

With this what will happen is that you files wont be leaked.