Limit number of RSS Items?

My RSS Feed currently has like 29 items displaying on the .xml file

It seems like most RSS feeds just show the 5 latest-- is there a reason to limit the feed to a small amount of items, like 5? What would be the benefit, and are there standards in place for this kind of thing?

What are you using to generate your xml? Is it coming from some cms like wordpress?

tnrstudios, usually it’s only done out of bandwidth considerations. Feed readers request the syndication files once every X amount of time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc), therefore a smaller file uses less bandwidth. Though I prefer to have a complete feed purely out of allowing visitors to see the entire news release. :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, I really appreciate it.

I ended up recommending to my supervisor (who asked me to research this) that the following considerations be made:

  1. that the RSS doesn’t take too long to load-- so it’s important to keep the filesize small.

  2. that the RSS feed only contains timely relevant items—RSS is a way to keep people posted about recent updates but no one will be using it as an archive resource

I’m actually not sure where the feed is coming from. I won’t be doing any of the coding I’ll just be making a recommendation.

There is one exception: Podcasting. If you offer audio podcasts (which use RSS feeds) and the episodes are released in a timed format, many people may want to recover or refer back to previous episodes to catch-up, and therefore it makes sense to have the feed complete. :slight_smile: