Limit Bandwith


I am currently using 1 MB DSL Connection and its speed is good i do uploads/downloads nicely with it.

Problems comes with talking to someone from PC to PC or PC to Phone. I have my Skype account with credits. The major problem is that whenever talking to someone either skype or iconnecthere or any kind of VoIP software all the internet speed got sucked up. I cant even open the correctly

Is there is a way or some software through which i can control the bandwidth use by the VoIP software or all internet based software.


usman :slight_smile:

Wait… you have a slow connection (bare in mind that VoIP is a constant stream of your voice over the web - think the same as if you download an MP3 file over iTunes, it’s THAT kind of process, pretty intensive) and you want to limit how much bandwidth is used? The reason why your internet is running slow is because (compared to most people) you have a fairly slim connection and VoIP requires enough bandwidth to transfer the uncompressed audio over the web, if you were to try and limit the program it would cause your audio quality to “crap out”. Don’t bother doing it, if you can’t get a faster connection… just put up with it. :slight_smile:

Hmm I think you are right Alex, Well can’t compromise on the voice quality so the only way is to pump up the internet connection.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Hi Michael,

Actually i do some testing and i got the voice test call result from skype and they said that your internet is v.good enough to make voice calls ( no video ) but my problem is that other things get slows e.g. as i said can’t get google opening, then i checked the Task Manager and i found that when i was on call with skype its using a lot of CPU Cycles.

This is the problem (No Multi Taksing). Is this because of skype or my computer.