Lightbox style gallery, that works good on mobile

Those lightbox style galleries, where the screen goes dark and you see a ‘pop-up’ of the enlarged image… work great on the PC, but not good at all on my android device. And I presume in mobiles in general. The screen goes dark, the image does not fit the screen, previous/next buttons are not visible, I can scroll out of the image view area and see the rest of the page… in other words, it doesn’t work for mobile.

I need a good alternative. I want to keep the current style for PCs, but I’d like more of an ‘image viewer app’ kind of feel for the mobile devices.

What would you suggest? Can I keep my current lightbox implementation, and add a secondary alternative just for mobile? Do I need to find a different unified solution? (I don’t have that many options since I’, working mostlye with CMS and their available extensions).


Sounds better to me. Have a look at PhotoSwipe, a nice gallery for mobile and desktop, and it looks easy to install.

(There’s a handy video about it here and an [URL=“”]article here.)

One lightbox I’ve used is slimbox2, and on iPhone (not sure about other devices) the image doesn’t pop up byut just displays on its own page (as if JS were off). It’s a bit clinky, but at least it’s accessible.