Lightbox not showing contact form

I sure appreciate it. But keep in mind, the line below isnt going to be the same for all products.

Oh ok, well you need to find a way to reference the product name so that you can pass it to your PHP script.

Maybe something like:

<div class="element element-itemname first last"><span id="productName">ABC Bulk Depalletizer</span></div>

Basically just wrap it in a span tag with the appropriate id when you echo it to the page.

Or, seeing as you are passing the url to your PHP script and the url contains a query string with the product id, could you not just use that instead?

Ok, I was able to add everything to the code, but now the form will not send. It does nothing when I click the “request info” button.

Can you confirm that everything works as expected with your original code from post#1.

I had the same problem (it did nothing when I clicked the “request info” button), but I had assumed it was working for you, as you stated the following in your PM:

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