Lightbox not running alongside tablesort


I’ve tried a few differently-termed searches on this forum, but drawn a bit of a blank in terms of finding enough info to sort my problem. Apologies, however, if the answer is out there (which I’m sure it is!) and I just haven’t found it…


I’ve done a simple script to list some pets for sale (here: but am having right problems getting the “tablesorter” AND “Lightbox” to run alongside each other. At the moment it’s either/or.

Now, from my searching, I gather that its because of the inclusion of both “prototype” and “jquery” (which I’ve hosted together on my central script-serving space in this example, and linked-to from the <head>)

Is anyone able to suggest what I can do, to get both of these working?

Currently, it’s only the lightbox. However, in this example here: [URL=“”], because I’ve flipped the order of the javascript file calls in the header, it’s the “tablesorter” which works and the “lightbox” which breaks (presumably because the latter file call over-rides the earlier).

Any ideas? :slight_smile:
Thanks a million!


Hey Modtup,

Thanks for replying.
How do I implement this?

Al :slight_smile:

If you are using jQuery with either mootools or prototype, just use jQuery(“#el”).method() instead of the usual $(“#el”).method() …

Can you try below…thanks.

jQuery(document).ready(function() 	{ 

Fab, thanks so much - sorted!
What was the conflict, could you explain so i know? I’m assuming it was because of “prototype” and “jquery”?


This was the first link: Link1
And this the second: Link2

What was the conflict, could you explain so i know?

“$” is commonly used by both prototype, mootools(I think) and jQuery…so using “jQuery” object ensures that no you’re always on jQuery namespace not with other libraries.

Post the code here, I’ll give you an example…can’t see your post or screenshot as tinyurl is blocked in KSA.