Lightbox issues

On this page the top menu remains visible and not darkened, when the jquery lightbox opens (click on one of the images in the gallery), how it be fixed?

The z-index level for your #header #dropmenu selector is greater then that of the overlay selector, to resolve this simply change the z-index for your menu to 999 and the issue will resolve itself.

A couple of points…

There’s no clear way to close the slideshow. The most usual method is to provide a close (x) button. When slideshows lack a close button, it’s common for clicking outside the image to close. The method used here is to click the image itself, which is often used to advance to the next image. It’s good to make functions clear and easy for your visitors.

The slideshow is buggy in Safari. In certain combinations of viewport size and scroll position, the bottom of the image and controls appear below the bottom of the viewport.