Lightbox Issue in IE

I am sure I’m overlooking something, but in IE on some computers this light box for these images doesnt work.

On my computer though it works in IE9, and 8. Then it also works in firefox, chrome, and safari. Any help with this? Not sure what is going on.


You are using an outdated doctype that will throw all versions of IE into quirks mode and behave much like ie5 and most things will not work properly.

Add a proper doctype like the following:


ah I didn’t see that. I picked this site up to make some changes after the other web designer left. Thanks

Nope that didnt work. Still opens the image in a new window instead of the lightbox. Weird because on my pc i have no issues with it.


The first picture is working in IE now and opening in a lightbox but the others are not. It may be because you have used the same id on each of the pictures and ids must be unique.

id=“westley” is repeated numerous times and should only be used once.

You also have spaces in your file names which is not a good idea.

images/sales home page/mandarin oriental1.jpg

If none of that makes a difference then shout and I’ll take another look.