Lightbox form

I’m putting a lightbox form into a page. Works fine, only problem I have is the title of the lightbox.

For whatever reason “Title of the form” shows in the box from out of nowhere. I want it to be “Brochure Request” instead. (pm for link)

<span id="boxtitle"></span>

I’ve looked in every php/css/js file and find no trace of “Title of the form” anywhere yet it still appears between those span tags. When I put the text in I want between the span tags it still doesn’t show.

It will likely be hard coded into the onclick attribute like so (assuming you are using this).

onClick="openbox('Title of the Form', 1)">

Just change that text inside the quotes to be the title that you want.

If it appears “Title of the form” it MUST to be written somewhere!

Check your “includes” files and “configuration” table in your MySQL Database.

Good Luck :slight_smile: