Lightbox effects in form ? how?

please i want to know how to make lightbox effects with the idea of switching between pages using the lightbox

please follow this link:

while pressing on "submit an inquiry " it will show a form… all that i need is to make the same idea but using registration form
first page: contains user data —> on pressing next … i want to be on same lightbox box effect but using next page that contains his work data…
and on third page he will have a message that his registration is done successfully…


how to switch between pages in lightbox effects???

Since the form is loaded in an iframe, each time you submit it you’re still working within the iframe in the lightbox. Just have each form submit to a page that loads the next form. You do not need to do any extra work. Try the form in the example you linked, submitting the form goes to another page within the lightbox.