Light texture, but with white background


can you help me how to create, or where to find, some light (or glowe) texture, like next one:

… but, with white background.

in photoshop of course.

thank you in advance!

That is pretty easy to make-- just draw some circles on a couple of different layers, and then mess with blend modes and transparency. If you are doing dark circles on a light BG, then multiply is probably the mode for you. Maybe play with blur or some blend modes, but it should be pretty easy.

not sure if this is a little late to be useful, but the term for that type of texture is I bokeh[/I]. you can turn up plenty of examples by doing a search for ‘bokeh’ or ‘bokeh backgrounds’.

here’s a collection of textures I had bookmarked. don’t believe any are on a white background, but still might be useful…

and a tutorial for how to create the effect…