Lighbox width incorrect using Chrome

Using Chrome, when a window is not fully maximized the lightbox popup window gets cut off.

Click here to see the example:

and click on the button “Radar Suite What’s Included” for the popup


Works fine for me on Chrome (OS X).

hmmm, even when u scale your window down?

When I resize my browser to 1024 x 768, the right-hand side of the lightbox is cut off in both Chromium and Firefox. (I haven’t tested anything else.)

TechnoBear…this is the problem I am having, I see that it is in FF as well.
I believe its a CSS issue, but not sure where ? ? ?

Yes, even if I scale my window down it’s always centered. Very weird.

Well I’d like it to be always centered, but not to have it cut off on the right.

[FONT=Verdana]The problem (for those who can’t replicate it), is this:

I found I could solve that by removing overflow: hidden from the container - but then it gets cut off at the bottom instead. :slight_smile: I thought that was because of the height: 100%, but removing that didn’t help. Hopefully @kohoutek or somebody else can succeed where I failed.

Hi, blame your JS :). It wants to set the size of hte lightbox in relation to the screen size. No no :).

Try doing something like this