I came across a web page the other day that uses ligatures, something I’ve not seen before (or more likely have seen before and have forgotten :blush: Being that sort of chap, I thought I’d try playing with ligatures myself. But I’m not having any luck. I’ve used the same font stack. I have this pen

Does anyone know what I’m missing?

I’m not keen to post the page I spotted as it is decidedly political.

Well, in typography ligatures usually look better in serif fonts (meant to write) not sans-serif. In CSS that also appears to be the case. I would also suspect certain serif fonts work better than others.

Fixed it. I needed the Roboto font loaded :rolleyes:

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Hi there Gandalf,

Are you aware of these five ligature character entities


…which look like this…


Thanks, @coothead, yes I was, but the aim was to automatically use a ligature should one be available in the selected font.

…how about this…


No, that’s a new one on me.

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