Licensing PHP

Do nowadays SPBAS and ionCube have users still? Is nowadays someone still considering to use them to license their scripts?

Some of my previous prospects have spent money on licensing software that’s been obfuscated. If you don’t want the end user to modify your source code and restrict access by expired licenses, then a product like ionCube, Zend Guard, and any of the SPBAS levels where you could purchase ionCube Encoder Pro (as far as I can tell, ask SPBAS). Also you only need these encoder/obfuscator products if your code will be installed on someone else’s server. If the code is hosted on your servers and your clients will never have access to your source code, then there’s no reason to obfuscate it. You can handle the licensing behavior within your application’s code.

And what is the cons/pros of vs. SPBAS?

I would strongly recommend that if you really want to guard your code this badly, write in C++ and create a extension, like the Phalcon Framework. Personally I will not use obfusicated PHP code, the ability to modify it for my purposes is the whole point of PHP. If I have to deal with code I cannot modify I at least want faster execution in exchange for that limitation.


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