Library website in need of an update. Opinions needed

Hello everyone. I’m a tech assistant for the Hackley Public Library and we are receiving some funding to finally revamp our website. It has not had a design update in years and is in desperate need of one. In a few weeks i’m having a meeting with the Director to go over notes of how to improve it for the users. I’ve been compiling my own ideas and ways to simplify, consolidate, and redesign but I would love to get more opinions on what the public feels should be changed. Even if you’r not from this area, opinions will still help us out.

I’m going to take some of the feedback I get here and present it directly to the director. Let me know your first impressions, what you would like to see changed, or how you would update it if you could.

Getting this kind of feedback would be a big help so thank you in advance if you take a look and let me know your opinions.

I think the first requirement for the new site is to make it responsive, so anyone with a screen less than 1225 pixels wide does not get horizontal scroll bars.
Another consideration is accessibility, things like using relative units like em and rem instead of px to size the fonts. A fluid responsive design will help with accessibility too, as it will allow zooming and enlarged default fonts without breaking the layout.
On a more technical note than design/UX the coding is extremely dated and will require a complete re-write to do away with the 90s style table layout and obsolete styling attributes. But you probably know that.

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For a public service site like that I’d suggest looking into “top tasks” - is worth a read, or do a web search for “gerry mcgovern top tasks” for more on the subject.

As you’re doing this revamp, and along with “top tasks”, it’s a great opportunity to remove old, stale and little used content so you can concentrate on what your customers actually want.

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