Library to build simple sparkline charts

Please welcome my new opensource library which you can use to build sparkline charts (line, bars, donuts, etc…). Very easy to use and not jQuery dependency.

A very simple JS library (vanilla version of piety lib).

All your comments and contributions are welcome.

So @igorkasyanchuk,

This looks like an interesting product. What made you build it? Why did you build it the way you did? Inquiring minds would like to know more about you and the library…

Speak up man! Be proud of your work! :lol:


I made it because I need to add sparkline chart in my Ruby on Rails app, and I found the original version which was based on jQuery. I think what is currently implemented will require some refactoring, but at least it works :slight_smile: I’m Ruby developer so don’t expect much from me at least for now.

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