Li list numbered with counter-increment not aligning

How? Do you have code pen or any sample sir?

May be like this →

OK, now I’m confused. I pasted the code @Ray.H posted into the validator and it passed even with the p tags inside the list items. And the “2” that had errors before now passes.

Was there a change made to the doctype in the interim?

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Block level elements have always been allowed in a <li>
divs, p, etc.


I guess you missed post #16

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Thanks. Goes to show that “I never have” does not mean the same as “I could never have”


I couldn’t understand the context here. Can you please explain?

@SamA74, @Ray.H

W3C validator and the google one they cannot detect semantic error?

The W3C Validator checks for syntax errors, it can’t detect semantic errors, that requires a human brain.
The Google Structured Data Testing Tool check structured data mark-up. You don’t have any structured data mark-up on your page, so you are testing for something which is not there, thus there are no results.


This is what I see in Firebox(sic). Add-ons are disabled.

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Only that just because I have never put p tags inside of list items doesn’t mean that I couldn’t have if I had wanted to.

It still feels like a stretch of semantics as I understand semantics. Which is why I have never done that. But admittedly what constitutes proper semantics is debatable and I could very well be off base.


In my firefox it is coming perfectly

No bites?

Change the font-family to Verdana and test.

body {

Verdana 16 is my browser default.

Yes with that font-family it is breaking. why?

The point I was trying to make is that It would have been extremely difficult ( I hesitate to say impossible) to style a default decimal list marker and vertically-align the first line of content without the help of another element.

Without the <p> tag ,the inline-block :pseudo marker increased the line-height of the first line of content.

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I think it is better to move to this kind of solution:

Sorry, not familiar with firebox
Is that an add-on

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I think he mistyped its firefox.

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(sic) Intentionally so written or misspelled (used after a printed word or phrase)

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Ok, missed the (sic)

Yeah, I see the same as post #35 now with verdana

I only see the drop on #2 list item. Must be due to the wrapping lines on the inline-block

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