<li></li> → Can this Item have class

<li></li> → Can this Item have class?

I mean this →

<li class="class1"></li> → Can this Item have class. I mean with web laws is that ok?

Yes you can add a class to a list item if you want to.
The question is: do you wan t to?
Generally list items should all look the same, so I would normally add a class to a parent element like the <ul> and target all items like: .MyList li {...}
You do see people putting the same class on every list item, this is just tedious, repetitive bloat.

One of the few edge cases where you want to add a class to a list item may be in a nav menu, to mark the current page.

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sir, In WordPress we just need to put the class to one li rest will be repeated with the PHP loop.

“Yay” for WP creating all the bloat for you. :grinning:


Sometimes there can be a difference depending on the doctype, but when in doubt the W3C is a good place to look.


In particular, look at the “ATTLIST” for its ELEMENT. You will see that “%coreattrs” are allowed. Those are at


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